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City Port Island Susak

Susak is an small island in the northern Adriatic Sea, famous for its sandy bays, beautiful traditional costumes, wine and reeds. Looking at the island from afar, it is noticed that the island is special in shape and vegetation. Susak is a natural phenomenon over the Adriatic and the little miracle of nature. The island is covered with thick layers of fine sand probably eolian origin, although it is still not known how was island of Susak made. The island has no roads, no cars, just miles of dusty paths in the sandy cascades over the grassy countryside that leads to the remote bays. Outside of touristic season, on the island, lives a very small number of people. Most emigrated to North America during 20. century. Dialect used by the locals is so specific that even the inhabitants of the neighboring islands does not understand it!

Contact 'Susak Port'

  • Tel.: +385 95 539 00 35
  • Tel.: +385 95 849 36 64
  • Tel.: +385 98 979 71 20
  • VHF:  17

Island Susak Port

Susak port receiving ships, yachts, fishing, sports and other vessels. We do the supply of electricity and water, garbage removal, using containers of waste oil, and the loading, unloading, transshipment of cargo and / or passengers, maintenance of mooring and constructed coast. Mooring fees are in the name and for the account of the Port Authority Mali Losinj.

Island Susak Map